Click Here Now! (Mobile Ads)

Nowadays, most people won't pay for mobile apps. When Apple's app store was new, it was customary to pay (at least) 99 cents for a decent app. (I suspect this convention grew out of the practice of paying the same price for a song on iTunes, but that's just a guess.) And while there are some folks out there still willing to pay, the vast majority of app users won't pay a single cent.

So if users aren't willing to pay for apps, how do developers get paid? From what I can tell, there are three ways to make money in the mobile world:

  1. Sell a companion subscription service, such as Spotify.
  2. Sell upgrades to a base app via in-app purchases
  3. Incorporate ads within your app

Of the three, the easiest option to implement is #3. (And to my surprise, users seem quite willing to click on an ad - if it's something that interests them.) For these two reasons, this article will focus on adding an ad banner to the Futile Fishing app.