Mobile Ads - Summary

Users have overwhelmingly indicated that they're most willing to download and use apps that are free. Accordingly, a developer (or company) must seek out alternate ways to make money. Displaying in-app ads is one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal of financial compensation.

As mentioned previously, it (quite literally) pays to shop around with the various ad networks. Some networks cater to specific populations, while others are willing to provide a higher eCPM rate. The one that best fits your needs can only be determined by... well... you.

One last point to remember: It's possible to place too many ads in a mobile app. I've seen my fair share of apps which allow ads to get in the way of being productive. And while that's a developer's prerogative, the various app stores contain so many competitors, that most users will simply move on to the next app that isn't so "loud" with their advertising.