Share with Facebook

When someone lands a great catch, it's natural to want to tell others about it. So for the Futile Fishing app, I'll demonstrate two ways of posting catch details to Facebook. One method will be to post details to a user's news feed, and the other will be to upload a picture with a description. (Unfortunately, it's technically not possible to do both in one operation.)

To keep things simple, I'll only allow the users to post the information after the catch has been recorded. I'll therefore modify the browsing of a previously recorded catch to include an additional button. I'll also notify the user of the results of the post. The basic flow will be as follows:

Record a catch:

Save the results and navigate to the list of recent catches:

View the details of the catch and post it to Facebook:

Note: In production, there shouldn't be two different ways to post data to Facebook; a single option should be provided. However, since this is an instructional article, I'm providing two different methods in the code.

I'll first describe how to do this on the iOS platform.