iOS Application Basics

iOS Applications are developed in an environment named XCode. This only runs on Apple machines, so you're out of luck if you've got a PC. Within the XCode environment, the programming language used is Objective-C.

The basic steps to create an application are:

  • Launch XCode, and create a new project by selecting File->New->Project...
  • A dialog box will display. Select iOS Application. Specify this will be a Single View Application, and click Next:

  • Specify a Product Name. (This will also end up being the name of the parent directory.) Add your organization name, and company identifier. Also, for this example, I don't use Storyboards or unit tests, but I do use Automat Reference Counting. (You definitely want ARC.):

  • To target both iPhone and iPad platforms, select Universal under devices. Once completed, click next.
  • Lastly, specify a location for creating the project. This example does not use Git for source code management, but if you're familiar with Git, you may want to use it.

You now have an iOS skeleton application. Next, I'll create a basic Objective-C class and use it within the application.