Hello (Mobile) World - Summary

I often see people debating which mobile platform is "better". My answer to this question is a bit anti-climactic: You can write elegant software for both iOS and Android. (And although I'm not focusing on other platforms, I'm sure you could probably say the same about Windows and Blackberry too.)

In this section, I was able to write a basic class for managing location, and display location information on a mobile device.

A few comments about each platform:

  • Both languages have their plusses and minuses. I like Objective-C's @property / @synthesize directives, but some of the method signatures can be a bit verbose. Conversely, I like Java's encapsulation of all class-related structures in a single file, but it could do a better job managing class properties. (I've probably written a thousand meaningless getter/setter methods in my life.)
  • XCode appears to provide a faster and more seamless development environment. This might be because they only target Apple platforms.
  • Eclipse is wonderfully versatile - a future section will use the same IDE to develop server-based code. However, there are times when this flexibility makes particular tasks less intuitive.
  • Although each platform has its positives and negatives, there weren't really any stumbling blocks in the way of developing a basic application.

So much for a simple 'Hello World' example... let's move on to something a bit more challenging.

In the next section, I'll demonstrate how to display the locations from this section on a real map.