Publishing to the App Stores


No series of articles on mobile development would be complete without a discussion of publishing apps to the app stores. In this article, I'll describe the steps necessary for preparing all of the necessary resources and then publishing to the respective stores.


Up until this point, I've ignored some of the practical issues around making an app available for public consumption. For example, I had no problem developing code to save content on "the server". And as long as it was just me saving the data, I wouldn't run out of space on my ISPs virtual machine. However, now that anyone can (potentially) do the same, I need to account for the scaling of users, and the physical ramifications of the change.

To accommodate for a production release, I've made a few changes:

  • I've changed the name of the app to 'Fishing Factor'. ('Futile Fishing' was fine when I was doing development, but that's a silly name for an app in production.)
  • I've removed the ability to store content on the server. I may add this back in a future premium version, but I simply can't afford to host everyone's catches for free.
  • I've added additional graphics.
  • I added support for adding a photo from the device gallery.

Lastly, since I have ads in the app, I've determined that it will be free in the app store. (It seems unreasonable to both charge someone and show them ads.)

Now that I've highlighted some of the updates, I'll move on to the actual publishing process.