Publishing - Conclusion


There are some valid reasons for an app to be rejected by Apple's app store, so it may be best to first ensure nothing will restrict your app. (It would be horrible to spend months on an app, only to find out that it could never be published.) Accordingly, I recommend reading the guides very closely.

Final Thoughts

With the Fishing Factor app now published, I find myself at a crossroads: Do I move on to a more professional grade project, or do I continue to improve Fishing Factor? My original intent was to build a respectable but basic sample application; the code and knowledge developed would then be used for other apps. However, now that I've built the app, I'm finding that I use it when I go fishing. And, since it's a part time project for me, discovering missing features makes my project feel incomplete.

I don't currently have an answer to this question, but given all of the time I've spent on the code, I doubt I'll ever be able to leave it completely alone. In the meantime, if you're out on the water, and you see me, be sure to say hello!