iOS - The Home Screen (Revised)

To add artwork to XCode, simply drag the image files from the Finder into the "Supporting Files" folder in the project. Once dropped, I'm presented the following dialog:

Personally, I prefer to copy all files into the project. So, once copied in, I'll return to the .xib file.

At this point, I add an ImageView to the HomeViewController.xib file, and I associate my new background with the image. (XCode automatically recognizes the images I dragged into the project, and they can be selected in properties view:

Similarly, each button has a property named "background" which can be populated with the button artwork previously added to the project:

At this point, all that's left is to position the buttons in a visually appealing manner. Once completed, my app's landing page looks as follows:

It may not be perfect, and I'm sure others could do better, but it's a huge improvement from the original landing page.