The User Interface - Summary

In the web development community, it's still possible to be a coder that ignores UI design. However, this approach simply isn't possible in a mobile app development environment. Each app store has hundreds of thousands of apps, so if someone is willing to install yours, it's critical that you provide a highly functional and visually appealing experience. If an app behaves sluggishly, or looks amateurish, it's very likely the user will uninstall it, and possibly write a harsh review.

For many programmers, UI design doesn't come naturally. However, rather than giving up, I urge you to take up the challenge. With help from clip art sites, and some great tooling, it's possible to significantly improve the user experience without excessive labor.

In this article, I focused on the user experience of a single view controller - the home screen. Obviously, a great user experience extends to every part of the app. Future articles will address design, but not as the main focus, because this article touches on some of those key issues.

If you're not sure about your user experience, simply ask others what they think. In my experience, if you go into it with a good attitude, and you ask a few probing questions, you'll end up with something much better than you started with. Good luck!