Secure Communication

Careful attention to security and privacy can be the difference between launching a successful business and landing in a court of law. And since the consequences can be so serious, I've dedicated this article to ensuring that the communication between a mobile device and the server is secure.

There are a number of aspects to security and privacy, but this article will focus on the communication channel. To that extent, I'll switch the communication protocol from HTTP to HTTPS.

Android Application Basics

Android Applications can be developed in a number of different environments. However, for the most part, they are developed in Eclipse. To help streamline Android-specific conventions, Google provides an Eclipse-based plugin. The development environment runs on several different platforms and is available as open source.

Android applications are written with a combination of Java and XML.

The basic steps to create an application are:

iOS Application Basics

iOS Applications are developed in an environment named XCode. This only runs on Apple machines, so you're out of luck if you've got a PC. Within the XCode environment, the programming language used is Objective-C.

The basic steps to create an application are:

Hello (Mobile) World

This section shows the steps involved in creating a minimal iOS and Android application.

What the Heck is Map Reduce?

When you first heard of Hadoop, you probably heard the term "Map Reduce*". And, when you looked that term up on the internet, you got something like this:
Map(k1,v1) → list(k2,v2)
Reduce(k2, list (v2)) → list(v3)

And that cleared everything right up, yes? Of course not.

To understand the basics of Map Reduce, I'll describe a situation confronting a King and his kingdom.

Git - A Hater's Guide

Let's get something straight: I hate git. Don't get me wrong, it's one of the best SCMs out there. But c'mon, let's be honest: That's not a very high hurdle to clear.

If you use Linux everywhere, git is a breeze. But if you're not a command line loving, booger picking freak, it's a real pain. So, I figured I'd record some of my findings here in the hopes of saving others from the same drudgery. (Also, if I don't write this down, I'm sure I'll forget all about it within three months.)

Here are a list of gripes and how I rose above them:


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